Willard Water District Improvement Project

Official Project Description

The Town of Romulus purchases water from the Department of Corrections Willard Drug Treatment Center and distributes it to the Hamlet of Willard through a municipal-owned and operated 6 and 8-inch cast iron water main originally installed in 1955 with an expansion in 1980 of 8-inch ductile iron. Later improvement consisted of limited replacement of some 6-inch cast iron with 8-inch PVC. The proposed project consists of installation of 8,500 linear feet of water main for reconstruction and elimination of dead ends. The outcome will be a water system that complies with NYS DOH Sanitary Code for minimum pressure requirements, enhanced water quality through the elimination of dead ends, improved reliability, improved protection of public health, and improved safety through adequate fire flow volumes and pressure.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the main office during regular hours at 607 869-9326. You may also reach us at wwdproject@romulsutown.com.

Progress Updates