Town Office

The Town Office is staffed by the Town Secretary and Town Bookkeeper. The Town Secretary answers questions and furnishes information, in person and by telephone, to the general public concerning Town policies, rules and regulations, and functions of Town departments; receives and responds to complaints appropriately, and makes appropriate referrals as required. The Town Bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining the General Ledger, including reconciling all accounts, maintaining journal entries, balance sheets, trial balances, chart of accounts, funds and fund descriptions.

1435 Prospect Street
P.O. Box 177
Willard, New York 14588

Phone: (607) 869-9326

Office Services

  • Copies (per page) – $0.20
  • Faxing (per page) – $0.50 (Residents), $1.00 (non-Residents)
  • Handicap Permits (Residents Only) – Free
  • Ovid Transfer Station Tickets – $4.00 each
  • Water and Sewer Billing Inquiries and Payments may be made in-person.
  • Brochures of Seneca County and surrounding areas are available.

Town of Romulus Fee Schedule
Schedule of Fees