Town Attorney

The Town Attorney is the chief legal officer of the Town. The principal function of the Town Attorney is to advise the Town Board, Department Heads and other officers of the town with regard to the functions and legal incidents relating to the duties of their respective offices. In addition, the Town Attorney:

  • Advises the Town Board as to the legal implications of contemplated policy, actions and administrative decisions;
  • Advises and assists Town departments, boards and commissions in the execution of their duties;
  • Conducts legal research and provides legal advice and opinions to the Town Board, Town Supervisor, department heads, boards and commissions;
  • Assists with the development of and drafts proposed legislation, rules, regulations and policies for Town programs and operations;
  • Reviews and comments on legislation, rules and regulations of other governmental agencies which may affect the Town;
  • Reviews and comments on legislative proposals submitted by other outside entities, individuals and special interest groups;
  • Negotiates, drafts and reviews agreements, contracts, bid documents, deeds, easements, and other legal instruments for Town transactions;
  • Prosecutes criminal and civil actions arising out of violations of Town ordinances;
  • Defends, supervises and coordinates the defense of actions and proceedings against the Town, its officers, boards and commissions in any action brought against it or them in their official capacities in all levels of court– State, Federal and Town; and
  • Coordinates with the Town’s insurance carriers and their attorneys in defense of the Town against tort claims.

Patrick J. Morrell

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