Romulus Town Board

The Town Board is the governing board of the town. The Town Board creates and proposes a budget (including the salaries of officers and employees), defines town policies and procedures, enacts local laws as necessary (pursuant to the home rule powers granted by Article 9 of the State Constitution and the Municipal Home Rule Law), and acts as the voice of the residents and governs according to their will.

Town Board Meetings

Regular Town Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at 6:00PM.

If you plan to attend any meeting of the Romulus Town Board, you will be expected to adhere to any social distancing and mask/face covering requirements. Seating may be limited due to social distancing requirements.

Procedure to Petition the Board

To petition the board, call (607) 869-9326 no later than one week prior to the scheduled meeting.

Town Board Members

Town Board Meeting Documents