Willard Water District Improvement Project Update – September 18, 2023

Installation of 1,025 linear feet of main was completed Main Street from the intersection of 1st Street to the intersection with County Road 132A.  In addition, the new main was installed from the intersection to the south side of Main Street/County Road 132, and north to the first hydrant on County Road 132A.  Bacteriological samples for the section of main from the west end of Main Street to 2nd Street were taken September 11 and September 12 and the samples were returned with negative results (no contamination).  Accordingly, a partial Engineer’s Certification has been submitted to the Seneca County Department of Health for their approval.  Also, several more hydrants, valves, and tees have been installed.

For next week, pending approval of the Health Department, work will begin to connect the tested section (from the west end of Main Street to 2nd Street) to residences.  Meter change-outs will be coordinated with the completion of the connections.  We also expect to begin pressure testing, disinfection, and sample testing on the section of main from 2nd Street to the intersection of County Road 132A.

We have encountered an unexpected issue.  An unmapped sanitary (sewer) main has been discovered running along the west side of County Road 132A.  It is located approximately 8 feet from the proposed location of the new water main (10 feet is the minimum allowable clearance).  We are currently investigating potential solutions and weighing the cost versus the convenience.  Please be assured that we will comply with all health and safety requirements no matter the solution.