Willard Water District Improvement Project Update – September 2, 2023

One month into the project and we continue to see rapid results. As of Friday, September 1, installation of the new main (approximately 1,380 linear feet) has been completed from the west end of Main Street to the 2nd Street intersection. We have received the new fire hydrants from the distributor and four have been installed.

We have made a slight change to the project scheduling to support faster implementation. Wenzel Construction will be “tying-in” the new installation to the existing water system at 2nd Street to allow us to begin filling, flushing, disinfecting, and testing. This will require a temporary shut-off of water to customers (two) on 2nd Street of no more than four hours (probably much less than that) at approximately 9:00AM on Tuesday, September 5. Notices to those customers were hand-delivered on Friday. Assuming that all testing results are positive, service installations to the new main would begin on or around Friday, September 15. This will allow the Seneca County Highway department to begin work on the drainage improvements much sooner than originally planned.

Work will continue from Tuesday through Friday the week of September 1 due to the Monday holiday. The installation of new mains will move further up Main Street towards County Road 132A and additional hydrants will be installed.

Additional updates will be posted as they become available.