Willard Water District Improvement Project Update – October 23, 2023

Installation on Prospect Street (including hydrant valves and water main valves) was completed; however, pressure tests of the new main experienced failures. Work this week will focus on reviewing the installation to determine the cause of the failure.

The existing valves and mains at the intersection of Prospect Street and 3rd Street did not match the plans on record. The construction crew worked with the Romulus Water Department to update the records and select the best approach for connections at the intersection.

Depending on the timing of other activities, installation of new fire hydrants on Prospect Street may begin.

Once a successful pressure test of the new mains on Prospect Street is completed, disinfection, and submission of bacteriological samples will take place. If everything proceeds quickly, Prospect Street services could be switched this week.

Rehabilitation work on blacktop driveways was begun last week and will continue into this week. As mentioned last week, we will continue pavement restoration as long as materials are available. We are already receiving word from suppliers that plant shutdowns will begin in the very near future.

Also, this week, water main installation will continue on County Road 132A south from the intersection with County Road 132.