Willard Water District Improvement Project Update – October 2, 2023

The water samples collected and submitted for the section of new main from 2nd Street to the intersection of County Road 132 and County Road 132 A have been tested and approved by the Department of Health. With that approval, the remaining service connections have been installed and the entire length of Main Street is now complete.

Additional hydrants were installed on Main Street and the old hydrants on the abandoned water main were removed, valves were closed, and hydrant leader pipes cut between the valve and the fitting.

The unmapped sanitary (sewer) main that was discovered running along the west side of County Road 132A has been discussed with the New York State Department of Health. Due to the depth of the sewer main they have determined that the new water main may be installed approximately 8 feet from the sewer main without the need for additional requirements. 

This week installation will begin on Prospect Street from just above 3rd Street to the west end of Prospect. Please be aware that due to the presence of residences on both sides of the street, more excavation will be required than was done on Main Street. This will impede traffic flow in the area. The construction crew will do their best to minimize the impact, but please be patient if you need to travel in the area.