Willard Water District Improvement Project Update – October 16, 2023

With the focus on restoring the pavement on Main Street before the blacktop plants close for the winter, minimal work was completed on Prospect Street.

Pavement restoration has been completed on Main Street. This has returned the pavement to approximately the same condition it was in when construction started as was planned. This allows the road crews to adequately clear the road this winter.

We will continue pavement restoration as long as materials are available. This will most likely be the gating factor as we don’t want to dig up pavement that we can’t return to a state that will support winter activities.

This week installation will continue on Prospect Street with the goal being to complete installation, pressure test the new main, disinfect, and submit bacteriological samples. Depending on timing and the results of testing, starting services could begin this week, although realistically, that will fall into next week.

Again, please be aware that due to the presence of residences on both sides of Prospect Street, more excavation will be required than was done on Main Street. This will impede traffic flow in the area. The construction crew will do their best to minimize the impact, but please be patient if you need to travel in the area.