Willard Water District Improvement Project Update – November 13, 2023

Rehabilitation paving on Prospect Street was completed last week.

The State has not yet corrected the utilities mapping on County Road 132 south of the County Road 132 and County Road 132A intersection which has resulted in delays. We have been told that they should be able to accomplish this later in the week. If so, the construction crews will return in two weeks (after Thanksgiving) to complete that section of work. Either way, work on the project will be suspended after that until early next year.

At this point, the project is approximately 2/3 completed which is significantly ahead of schedule. The anticipation is that construction will be completed in the spring of 2024. After that, the Seneca County Highway department will pave everything with a “base coat” and it will be allowed to settle during 2024. Then, in 2025, the final paving will be done.