IMPORTANT – Water Main Break affecting Main Street (CR132), Hamlet of Willard – CLOSED

During the excavation for the Willard Water Main project, an existing water main was fractured. This has resulted in low or no water pressure for users on Main Street (County Road 132). We are working on repairing the break now and will post further updates as we have them.

UPDATE – September 19 at 2:44PM
The water main break in the hamlet of Willard has been repaired and the system is being pressurized. This could take up to an hour. Water may appear to be cloudy or white but is safe to drink. The cloudiness is from small air bubbles trapped in the line and will dissipate over time.

UPDATE and CLOSED – September 19 at 3:23PM
All repairs to the water main in the hamlet of Willard have been completed and normal service has been restored.

After further investigation, the break was not caused by the construction crew. When the excavation uncovered the old main, the normal pressure in the main was sufficient to blow a hole in a weakened portion of the line.