Public Hearing Notice – 2022 Budget



The Town of Romulus will hold a public hearing on November 17, 2021, at 6:00PM at the Romulus Town Hall in Willard for the purpose of hearing public comments on the desirability of the Town of Romulus adopting the preliminary 2022 Town budget as the final budget for 2022.  The hearing will allow for resident questions or comments.

Copies of the preliminary budget are available on the Town website (romulustown.com) or by request from Jane Braunig, Town Clerk.

The location of hearing is accessible to persons with disabilities. If special accommodations are needed for persons with disabilities, those with hearing impairments, or those in need of translation from English, those individuals should contact Jane Braunig, Town Clerk, at least one week in advance of the hearing date to allow for necessary arrangements.  Written comments may also be submitted to Jane Braunig, Town Clerk at the Romulus Town Offices in Willard