Author: Michael Joslyn

Willard Water District Improvement Project – Update June 8, 2024

Construction has resumed on the project with the focus on County Road 132A.

The current portion of the project involves installing the new water main (ductile iron and HDPE plastic) along County 132A and then connecting services. During the previous week:

  • Ductile iron pipe section going north along County Road132A was installed, tested, and approved.
  • Approximately 1,000 feet of the HDPE is bored, and the pipe is fused for installation next week.

One item of note: an old section of main on County Road 132A was leaking and was repaired. One resident had their service switched over to the new line due to the spot of the break.

Work scheduled for the week of June 10 through June 14:

  • Pull the HDPE through the bore and test.
  • Finish the final 400 feet of boring and pipe installation.
  • Start connecting services on County Road 132A.

Spring Dumpster Days

Willard Water District Improvement Project Update – April 27, 2024

We are working to restart construction so that we can complete the improvement project. The remaining installation and hookup activities are for the users along County Road 132A southward from 96A to County Road 132. Once that is complete, our construction company will be able to do all of the finishing tasks, such as driveway repair and landscaping. We currently have a delay due to the need for easements. An easement is a legal document that allows the Town and its employees to perform construction tasks on private property. The owners of each individual property along the impacted area must sign an easement before we can begin work. We hope to have the remaining few easements completed shortly and work will resume immediately following.

Willard Water District Water Quality

To the users of the Willard Water district:

As you probably know, we constantly conduct testing to ensure that the drinking water provided to you meets all federal and state guidelines.  There are hundreds of factors that can affect water quality and treating the water properly is a very complicated and dynamic process that we take very seriously.

That’s why we are happy to tell you that for the first time in almost two years, the total THM (trihalomethane) level for the Willard Water district has been reduced to 62.0 ug/L (micrograms per liter, also referred to as ppb – parts per billion).  This is well below the EPA and NYSDOH recommendations of 80.0 ug/L which is the maximum level that has been set to balance the immediate risk of bacterial contamination with the long‐term risk of health effects.

Since the closure of the Willard DOCCS facility, demand for treated water has dropped from nearly 300,000 gallons a day, down to less that 70,000.  Balancing this massive and continual change in demand has created a challenge and we are proud of the fact that we been able to meet it.

As aways, if you have any water related questions, please feel free to call our Water Superintendent, Hobie Stapleton.  He would be happy to answer your questions.  You may also call our Main Office at any time during regular business hours, and we will do our best to assist you.