Notice of Public Hearing – Willard Water Project Bond Application

The Town of Romulus will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, July 28, 2022, at 5:00PM at Town Hall in Willard, New York for the purpose of hearing public comments on the Town of Romulus proposed increase and improvement of the facilities of the Willard Water District consisting of replacing approximately 8,500 feet of deteriorating water mains that have experienced several failures and inability to provide required fire flows to the community and associated connection piping incidental thereto, at an estimated maximum cost of Three Million, Eight Hundred Eighty-Eight Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($3,888,950.00) pursuant to a map and plan on file in the office of the Town Clerk and available for public review, at which time and place said Town Board will hear all persons interested in the subject thereof concerning the same.

The Romulus Town Hall in Willard, New York is accessible to persons with disabilities.  If special accommodations are needed for persons with disabilities, those with hearing impairments, or those in need of translation from English, those individuals should contact the following:

Jane Braunig, Town Clerk
(607) 869-9326

Morgan McLoud, Secretary to the Supervisor
(607) 869-9326

as soon as possible in advance of the hearing date to allow for necessary arrangements.