Seneca County Economic Development Strategy

About a year ago the Seneca County IDA began a process to formulate an economic development strategy for Seneca County.  On September 10th we presented the draft strategy publicly at the Board of Supervisors meeting and have now initiated a public comment period that will run until November 1.  You are invited to download the materials for review and we welcome any comments you may have.  Links to the materials and the comment form are provided below.   We hope to hear from government and community leaders, businesses and residents.

For purposes of this strategy, economic development is defined as “the establishment of policies, practices or programs that support the ability of businesses in the County to retain, create or attract new jobs and/or wealth to improve quality of life in our communities.” The strategy is intended to define an overall approach by which the county can compete for jobs and investment in the private sector.

In addition to extensive data analysis, the Seneca County Economic Development Strategy was also the product of consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders in the County. The effort was facilitated by Fairweather Consulting and overseen by a project steering committee that began meeting in July of 2018.  This committee consisted of representatives from key industries and government sectors in the County including manufacturing, agribusiness, tourism, banking and services, health care, education, workforce development, the IDA, the Board of Supervisors and the Chamber of Commerce. Thirty-three individuals from businesses and organizations throughout the County were interviewed during this process.

The strategy sets a general direction for economic development in Seneca County. Its theme, “Fostering The Next Generation Of Growth,” recognizes that there are a variety of businesses in the county—some located here for generations—that are poised for growth based upon their distinct positions in their respective markets, the deployment of new technology and the mobilization of talented workers. The goals and actions included in the strategy are intended to provide specific means to support these firms— and the County itself—to grow and prosper in the 21st Century.

The link to the strategy document is accompanied by a link to the SWOT analysis for the County’s economy. The SWOT is a crystallization of the research that informed the strategy. It is recommended that the SWOT be read prior to reading the strategy itself to provide a fuller context for the strategy and its suggested goals and actions. In the final document, the SWOT will be included in the appendices of the report.

You can download the SWOT analysis by clicking here.

You can download the Strategy document by clicking here.

From now until November 1, 2019 individuals have an opportunity to share their thoughts on the draft economic development strategy for Seneca County.  The public comment period truly is the best chance for community leaders, businesses and residents to provide feedback on the strategy.  You can send your comments on Seneca County’s strategy to Fairweather Consulting and the IDA by clicking here.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.  We will look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Robert J. Aronson, Executive Director
Seneca County Industrial Development Agency